Strategic Plan



•    Mission: Provide comprehensive program opportunities (i.e. social, educational, professional, and service) for alumni, students, and faculty, of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, which foster a stronger relationship between these groups, School, and community.

Mission Statement

•    Mission Statement: To facilitate networking opportunities between Black alumni, Black students, faculty and staff, by hosting activities as well as serving as a resource bank for exchanging career and other pertinent information to all constituencies and stakeholders.

Black Alumni Vision and Goals

BAN is recognized as the resource hub for all African American entities associated with the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

Goal I: Solidify Organizational Foundation
Action Steps

•   Revisit By-Laws to provide clarity and structure
•   Confirm/Clarify commitment and expectations of Board Members
•   Establish/Implement on-boarding process for new members
•   Establish a resource manual to ease succession planning
•   Set expectations and support structure for committee chairs
•   Conduct a needs/resources assessment
•   Recruit Board Members thru committees

Goal II:  Support Campus Recruitment and Retention Efforts
Action Steps
•    Promote African American scholarship and learning
•    Assist with the University’s mission to recruit and retain exceptional African American students
•    Assist with the University’s mission to increase the diversity of faculty and staff
•    Strengthen the African American student and alumni presence on campus through participation in various activities
•    Expose students to BAN and create warm expectation of them giving back to other students (as a student and alum)

Goal III:  Grow Membership to 2000+ Active Members

Action Steps
•    Establish value added membership model and structured enrollment process
•    Be able to articulate value of membership and contribution
•    Strengthen our rich ties to Chicago area African American alumni
•    Create long range calendar that is easily accessible
•    Consistently host events that target different generations of alumni
•    Establish guidelines, communication and expectations for “satellite” groups (ATL, D.C. Houston, etc.)

Goal IV:  Establish Purposeful Connections with Other Organizations
Action Steps
•    Work with other U of I affiliates (LLAA, AAAN, etc.) to host programs and events
•    Collaborate with other BIG 10 networks for social and professional networking events
•    Pursue relationships with corporations for resources and/or sponsorships/donations
•    Seek relationships with U of I alumni businesses to help support them

Marketing Committee
•    Updated database for Black Alumni by June 15 of every year
•    Begin quarterly newsletter by August 1, 2013
•    Begin soliciting for sponsorships with at a rate of $50 per advertisement- 3 per month for June email blast
•    Have first BAN directory drafted by December 1, 2013- this Is an all alumni directory including field,  college, etc. and maybe a shortbio or weblink option for public knowledge including alumni owned businesses so that we can begin to support.
Membership and Nominations Committee
•    Have a formal onboarding process drafted that includes- dates for onboarding nominations, etc. by July 1, 2013

•    Prepare a motion by June 20, 2013 for an annual BAN board member fee Prepare a communications plan for Black faculty and staff and a presentation at each BAN meeting from one or two faculty members beginning in the August meeting- See Ashley for already invites

•    Fill Vice President by Vacancy by January 2014

Awards and Scholarships Committee
•    Provide information to the marketing committee by May 1 regarding the BAN scholarship fund….Help make it interesting. Will be included in the May e-blast.
•    Have a plan of action for BAN paraphanelia sales by August 1, 2013- to be sold at TAU picnic and online in time for homecoming games in Chicago and in Champaign.
•    Have all information for a Cook off at Alpha Phi Alpha picnic BY June 1, 2013.
•    Have all information for a Twitter, facebook, instagram challenge- $1 a day or even picture challenges to build up engagement by June 15, 2013.
•    Have all information about the U of I Black Family Reunion sent to BAN board by May 1, 2013.
•    Have a memo out to all mentors and mentees about ideas for engagement with mentors including:

  •  Bi-weekly skype calls for mentors and mentees
  •  Shadow days at jobs
  •  By May 15, 2013.
  •  Complete first mentor/mentee evaluation by September 15, 2013. Work with E-board on engagement/volunteer model.

•    Prepare a plan for BAN to get involved with high school recruitment by July 15, 2013.
•    BAN is going to work with students to make sure they graduate from the University- intentional commitment to that
•    Prepare a plan for a Jr. BAN board by August 15, 2013.


Programming Committee
•    Homecoming in Chicago- Sept. 14- doing a weekend in Chicago. BAN will be an official group to be notified by the alumni association. 100-150 tickets. Pre-game tail gate price. Post-game. Find sponsorships. Every Tuesday at 6:30. Pre-sale tickets aim is for June 1.
•    Prepare a plan for the Homecoming tailgate and/or other events in October by August 15, 2013.
•    Have all information required for the Fall Wine tasting/holiday party- family event by October 1, 2013.
•    Have a plan of action for iBAR 2015 by February 2014.


Student Affairs Committee
•    Mentor network of 1,000 alumni. 100 by the end of 2014 to include graduate and undergraduate students (work in conjunction with scholarship and standards)
•    Conduct an annual developmental workshop on campus for current students- 5 committed Alumni to travel to campus- spearheaded by Dan Duster plan to be created by August 15, 2013. Will work in conjunction with the eboard.
•    Place an ad in the graduation booklet- 2 pages Jackie will sponsor a page for BAN, Tim Thomas will also purchase a BAN ad booklet. All of this will be completed by May 1, 2013.
•    Ask BNAACC if they collect non U of I email addresses and share with BAN.


Executive Committee
•    Travel scholarship and scholarships in general
•    2016 OMSA 50 anniversary- scholarship banquet- identifying alumni that came through OMSA- $50,000 goal by Dec 31, 2016. Dinner with alumni on campus
•    Challenge every alumni to get 50 of your minority alumni that have not come back
•    Volunteer/engagement model- better tracking
•    Getting pledges from organizations
•    5k run or walk in Chicago or Champaign
•    Discuss a business etiquette workshop- post-college workshop with OMSA
•    Work with student affairs on the development of the Power Moves Leadership team.
•    Work with student affairs on a proposed a collaboration with BNAACC, OMSA, BAN, BGC and LACASA and other latina greeks to host high school students in the fall of every year.